The difference between yoga pants and athletic leggings

The difference between yoga pants and athletic leggings

Strictly speaking, yoga pants should also belong to the category of sports leggings, but yoga pants will be more focused on the design for yoga. Because there are many movements in yoga, ordinary leggings may not be able to meet, and good yoga pants have a softer fabric, although tight but will not feel strangled, wear a small sense of restraint, more suitable for the practice of yoga! Why practice yoga to wear tight?

   1. Easy to observe the direction of the muscles: yoga requires a high degree of accuracy of the action, if the action is not done in place, the exercise effect will be greatly reduced. And wearing loose clothes can not see the direction of the limbs muscles, and tight clothing can be very good to see clearly the lines of the body muscles, so that the yoga practice more effective.

   2. highlight the female curve, enhance self-confidence: of course, when we pick yoga pants, we also have to choose good quality to ensure. Good yoga pants enhance perspiration and breathability. If you are a novice, then you need a good pair of yoga pants more than anything else, which will allow you to practice yoga in comfort.

   3. prevent nakedness: women should especially wear professional yoga clothes when doing yoga. If you wear ordinary sportswear, it is easy to get naked when doing some stretching and twisting movements. The professional yoga clothes are safe because they fit snugly.

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